Ammunition shortages continue at Mississippi gun shops

“We do have a lot of ammo in stock, but we are out of a lot of ammo,” said Dad’s Super Pawn owner Kevin Riley.

Ammunition shortages continue at South Mississippi gun shops

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Shortages in ammunition are plaguing gun shops across the nation. In Mississippi, the situation is no different.

Gun shops across the state are running low on ammo. From Browning to Winchester to Federal to Blazer, ammunition is a hot commodity.

“We do have a lot of ammo in stock, but we are out of a lot of ammo,” said Kevin Riley, the owner of Dad’s Super Pawn in Gulfport.

Despite the fact that his stockpile is larger than many, Riley said factors outside of his control have contributed to the shortage of supply.

“Everybody is just buying more. I think with the current election, hunting season caught everybody off guard this year. Everybody is buying extra right now. If they do see it, they’re buying extra. They’re getting it when they can which has also caused a big part of the shortage,” he said.

Even though his customers are still bulk buying, Riley said that limits have been imposed on most of his stock.

“We do have a lot of limits on almost every box of ammo and every caliber in stock. We’re trying to get more in but we’ve got a lot to maintain the five box count,” Riley said.

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