Health safety a top priority for businesses this Black Friday

Health safety a top priority for businesses this Black Friday

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - They are the signs of the times: The lure of big deals, and warnings of another big deal - COVID-19.

But Maxine Wade wasn’t about to change her plans for Black Friday.

“I’ll follow the guidelines they put out there like social distancing and face masks,” she said. “But I want to enjoy life, and not be scared.”

Part of that enjoyment is shopping.

“I like going to stores,” Wade said. “That’s me. It’s Christmas and the holidays.”

It helps that people are being smart to protect against spreading the virus.

“Pretty much,” Wade said. “I’d say probably 98 percent of the people follow it where I’ve been.”

And the protocols put in place by mall officials and businesses are welcomed by most customers.

“I think that’s good because they are trying to make a living,” Wade added. “They’re following the guidelines that they could out there. And, so, I applaud them for that. And I want to support them, too.”

It’s what is making Nadia Woodruff of Wiggins feel better about getting out.

“I mean, yes, as long as nobody is in my face and people keeping their distance,” she said. “I’m keeping my distance and I feel all right. ... They are limiting how many people are coming in and stuff, requiring masks and that is what is keeping it good.”

Even the line outside Bath & Body Works was no irritation at all.

“That’s how it should be. It should be like that,” said Clifford Nobles of Biloxi. “I mean, you’ve got to wait in line a little bit longer. But, hey, it is what it is. You get good deals, so you can’t complain.”

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