Healthcare workers just as thankful for patients this holiday season

“Being here at the hospital on Thanksgiving, you know, it’s hard. We have to take care of our patients.” said Gibbs.

Healthcare workers just as thankful for patients this holiday season

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Even with COVID-19 making headlines on Thanksgiving, healthcare workers continue the fight against the virus.

Despite the loneliness many patients feel while in the hospital, nurses at Ocean Springs Hospital say that it’s the support they receive from their patients that helps the most during the holiday.

“It definitely makes it a lot easier knowing that people are so supportive of health care workers and appreciate the work that you’re doing,” said Victoria Gregory, RN. “It makes it easier to get up every day and come and work long shifts. Even though it’s sad sometimes, with all of the sick patients, it’s nice to know that people do appreciate you and see the work that you’re doing.”

As we celebrate an unusual Thanksgiving this year, patients come and go in healthcare facilities along the Gulf Coast. One thing, however, remains constant, nurses like Haley Gibbs know that their jobs are more important this year than ever.

“Being here at the hospital on Thanksgiving, you know, it’s hard,” Gibbs said. “We have to take care of our patients. They want to be home to and unfortunately, it’s not like that this year for them, so we have to be here to take care of them.”

While taking care of her patients, Gibbs said there’s only one other thing that crosses her mind on Thanksgiving.

“I love my job,” said Gibbs. “I love what I do. It’s not hard. I just miss my kids and my husband but they’re out hunting today.”

The number one core value with the Singing River Health System is “Our Patients Are Guests.” Avery Jackson tries every day, especially on Thanksgiving, despite the difficult circumstances, to bring that value to life.

“With them no having their families and loved ones here, we have to kind of step up and be a little bit more than just a nurse,” said Jackson. “That’s fine by us because we enjoy being there no matter what the need is.”

But the support that she and her colleagues receive from patients makes the job that much sweeter.

“It really means a lot,” said Jackson. “We’ve had a lot of support. We’re embraced with a lot of love and prayers and sweet, kind words to get us through out shifts. We are very grateful to have people stand behind us and know that our job is tough.”

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