Holiday fitness goals stay intact despite pandemic

Holiday fitness goals stay intact despite pandemic

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Thanksgiving food is awesome, but it can also come back to haunt you when you hit the scales next week, especially during COVID-19.

At Seaside Fitness in Ocean Springs, the goals are simple, stay open, keep the classes small and members safely spaced apart. And now, finding new ways to trim the Thanksgiving turkey and trimmings.

“We keep everyone spread out. We sanitize daily, after every single class and do a deep cleaning every single week,” said Adrea Maxwell, Seaside Fitness owner. “We have a private Facebook page where we post workouts for people who are quarantined or we’ve had members who’s family members tested positive or they tested positive. We also have a large group that’s been running during the quarantine.”

As for Thanksgiving, Maxwell said it’s just like any other time, the key is moderation. And if you overdo it on Thanksgiving, she said find a smaller gym class, or exercise outside as long as the weather is good.

“So I think just getting out and being active,” said Maxwell. “Our members are honestly not the type to think ‘hey it’s a holiday week, I really need to work out this week.’ It’s a lifestyle.”

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