Pleasant this afternoon. Wetter tomorrow?

Wesley's Tuesday Morning First Alert Forecast

After a chilly start, it’s a nice Tuesday. This afternoon’s temperatures will reach the mid 70s which will be around five degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. Expect mostly sunny skies for much of the day. Might want your umbrella tomorrow; a Wednesday rain system will arrive from the west, bringing scattered showers and a few isolated thunderstorms, especially after noon. Any thunderstorms will be capable of lightning and downpours. The threat for Wednesday damaging thunderstorms in the WLOX area is currently near-zero. For Thanksgiving Thursday, it will be mild and a few hit-or-miss showers will be possible from time to time but there will be some rain-free hours too. Friday will be mild too with perhaps a few more hit-or-miss showers at times with rain-free hours too. But, a weekend rain system brings scattered showers for Saturday and Sunday. A big cooldown is expected next Monday. In the tropics, all remains quiet in the Gulf and Caribbean. But, there’s still a low chance for a system to form near Bermuda. There are no tropical threats to the U.S. Gulf Coast for the next five days. The end of Hurricane season is six days away.