Things to know when searching for, maintaining the perfect Christmas tree

Things to know when searching for, maintaining the perfect Christmas tree

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Many families have made picking out the perfect Christmas tree a tradition; however, there’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Staff at Robert Anderson Christmas trees are always on their feet, making sure all trees are in good shape.

“When we get it off we got to fresh-cut the bottom because that’s how it soaks the water in,” said Ryan Aldrich. “Then we cut about six inches up off the limbs so they can fit in the stand.”

Aldrich has been with Robert Anderson Christmas Trees for the past seven years and encourages people to water their tree throughout the day to avoid possibly house fires unless it’s flocked, which is the snow look, requiring little to no maintenance at all.

“As long as you water then you shouldn’t have a problem, and if you flock them, which is the white that makes it look like snow, it’s like flame retardant,” Alrich said.“So, until it’s dead, it won’t catch on fire.”

He said the mist to flock the trees is a powder mixed with water, and it’s an extra feature they offer for a small fee.

“So the flock just holds the water in the tree in the needle, and that way they last a lot longer,” Aldrich said.

Aldrich said it’s a tradition for most families to get their tree the day after Thanksgiving, and that’s typically when the business starts to pick up.

“Everyone always comes the day after Thanksgiving and get all the trees,” Aldrich said. “We’ll probably sell out on Dec. 11 probably. So, if they want their tree, they better come quick.”

Robert Anderson Christmas Trees can be found under the white tents at the corner intersection of Popp’s Ferry and Cedar Lake roads in Biloxi.

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