Porch pirates on the prowl for holiday packages

Updated: Nov. 20, 2020 at 5:24 PM CST
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D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - It’s the most wonderful time of the year for theft.

Friday morning, a D’Iberville family became the latest of what is sure to be many victims of porch piracy this holiday season. The security systems were in place, but it wasn’t enough to intimidate the crook.

“This person saw it, went around the block,” said Daniel Dauterive. “He came back. Walked right up. Didn’t run. Didn’t shy away. Knew there was a camera there. None of that bothered him.”

It was a frightening sight for Dauterive’s mother-in-law.

“This morning, the alarm went off about 5:40,” said Dauterive. “And my mother-in-law got up and there was a guy grabbing a box off of our front stoop and walking down the street with it.”

Dauterive said he was a victim not only of a theft, but also with his own attitude by “being a little naive in that it won’t happen to me.”

But he’s also concerned that he didn’t receive a notice of a package.

“What got us is we had no idea the box was there,” said Dauterive. “We knew we had an order coming in, but we didn’t know it was going to be delivered in the dark, at night. The thief saw it before we did.”

Fortunately, the package wasn’t of any great value.

“What they stole was my son’s dog’s birthday present,” said Dauterive. “I hope they enjoy the bubble maker with the bacon-flavored detergent that makes the bubble. He didn’t steal that much, but you just feel a little violated, I guess is the term.”

Neighbor Mark Oswalt said he’s been a victim in the past.

“It’s annoying, for the most part,” said Oswalt. “I definitely like take into consideration when I order online now. Just like, ‘Oh, should I really order this $300 piece of equipment or should I probably just go to Best Buy?’”

Capt. Marty Griffin with the D’Iberville Police Department said the little things can make a big difference.

In addition to security devices, he said staying alert to delivery times, using secure drop off points and communicating with neighbors can help prevent porch piracy.

“And I always go back to if you see something, say something,” Griffin added. “If you happen to see someone walking down the road with an arm full of packages, that might seem unusual to you. Notify the authorities.”

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