Popular Gulfport pizzeria shifts to curbside, delivery after challenging year

Gulfport pizzeria shifts to curbside, delivery after challenging year

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Businesses have faced no shortage of challenges in 2020 and now another local business is changing how they operate to deal with the difficult times.

C.A. Sarducci’s Pizzeria welcomed patrons inside Thursday evening for what will be the last time for awhile.

“Until the workforce is back at 100 percent, we will do what we have to do to stay alive,” said the restaurant’s owner Jim Branson. “That, right now, requires us to go to curbside, delivery and pick-up only.”

Sarducci’s has been a popular choice through Tiki Delivery over the last few months and the Coast-based delivery business said it’s happy they can help local businesses find a way to stay open.

“We are very happy to help out a lot of local businesses, keeping their sales up that way they are not dropping in sales or anything,” says Tiki Delivery Market Manager Quintin Higganbotham.

As for why the popular pizzeria is making the shift, it is because they are having trouble finding employees.

“We normally employ 15 or 18 people and we are down to 5 or so, 6 maybe. It triples our workload,” said Branson.

Knowing the team is short-staffed and stretched thin, ownership chose to make a change in order to do right by the customers and current staff.

“If our interior service goes down, that tarnishes the business as a whole and we don’t want to sacrifice that,” said Branson. “So we will make what changes we need to sustain it until we get back to a point where there is a viable workforce.”

C.A. Sarducci’s will of course remain open but they will only be doing curbside and delivery orders beginning on Friday.

The restaurant is located at 1308 27th Avenue in downtown Gulfport. To view their menu and order delivery or curbside, please visit their website.

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