Gulfport Fire Department urges everyone to be careful frying turkeys this Thanksgiving

Gulfport Fire Department says be careful cooking this Thanksgiving

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - It’s Thanksgiving Day, and you’re frying up a turkey for the family, but maybe you forget to thaw out the bird, or you put too much oil in the fryer. Then, the turkey goes into the pot and a flash fire erupts. Imagine if that happened on your back deck or patio or in the garage.

The national numbers say the average number of reported house fires triples on Thanksgiving Day.

“That’s a tragic outcome for what’s supposed to be a happy time,” said Mike Beyerstedt, Gulfport Fire Chief. “The big thing is never do this inside or on a deck, or around anything that’s combustible. That’s where we see a lot of the tragedies. Another thing is people are not paying attention on how much oil to put in the pan, making sure the turkey is dried out and thawed out.”

Beyerstedt added that making Thanksgiving cooking safe means following directions, paying attention and using common sense.

“A lot of people thing okay, I’m outside, I’m doing it on my wooden deck, then that hot oil spills over and their deck’s on fire,” said Beyerstedt. “This time of year, you’re busy visiting with people you haven’t seen in a long time, you have a lot on your mind, the kids are running around, and it’s easy to forget there’s something in the oven and it’s the number one day of the year for cooking fires not just turkey frying fires.”

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