WLOX alum competes for Most Talented Beard in America

“Do you want $20,000? I said tell me more.” Brannan said.

WLOX alum Jonathan Brannan wins "Wahl Man of the Year"

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Behind every beard is a talent waiting to be discovered. At least that’s what WLOX alum Jonathan Brannan hopes the nation will think as he attempts to win Wahl’s Most Talented Beard in America.

The competition has been narrowed down to 10 men in 10 states all eyeing the title the “Wahl Man of the Year.”

Brannan said that he will put the winnings towards his family’s effort to adopt a child.

“My wife and I spent more than a year working on this. It is mind-blowingly expensive, more expensive than I thought it was, like double what I thought it was,” Brannan said. “We can’t afford this, what are we going to do. My wife Alyssa looked at me, she really humbled me and said, ‘Do you not trust that God will provide a way for this to happen if it’s supposed to happen?’”

You GUYS!! Thanks to Wahl Grooming, I’m in the top 10 nationwide for a shot at $20K (which would finish funding our...

Posted by Jonathan Brannan Live on Monday, November 16, 2020

Brannan said that he started praying about it and he knew something would pop up.

“Fast forward to October 8th. I’m scrolling through Facebook mindlessly and an ad pops up that says do you have a beard, woop, yeah, do you have talent, eh, do you want $20,000? I said tell me more,” said Brannan. “I started looking through the rules and got to the bottom of the page. It said the deadline was October 9th. I didn’t think there was any chance, I just wanted to try it. I thought there was a reason it popped up on my Facebook page. Several weeks later I got a phone call that I was in the top 20 and had a phone interview with the contest organizer. I then found out about three weeks after that I’m in the top 10 of this Wahl Most Talented Beard in America contest.”

Brannan also said that his wife makes fun of him for being over the top, so now this contest could justify his “loud’ social media presence.

“It’s a really silly way to use all of the stuff that everybody makes fun of me about to win some money,” said Brannan. “My wife always makes fun of me for being over the top, perfect. She’s always wanting me to shave my beard, no. I’ve got to use this to make money. Always making fun of me for being loud on social media so finally it’s all paying off. Hopefully I can justify having all of this mess on my face.”

If you’d like to vote for Jonathan Brannan as America’s Most Talented Beard, click here.

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