Saints preparing for offense without Brees

Saints preparing for offense without Brees

NEW ORLEANS, Lou. (WLOX) - Entering last season, Drew Brees had missed a grand total of one game due to injury in his 13-year career with New Orleans. Two hundred twenty times out of a possible 221, with the exception of resting for the postseason, number 9 was under center for the Saints when the game began.

Of course, that all changed after last year’s game against the Rams, but this year, the black and gold will likely have to play without Brees for the foreseeable future, but this time without Teddy Bridgewater, and with a much stronger NFC South.

There is reportedly no set timetable for Brees’ return, so whether it will be Jameis Winston, Taysom Hill, or a combination of the two, there’s no telling how long the Saints will have to proceed without their captain. No matter who sees the majority of reps under center, having both Emmanuel Sanders and Michael Thomas back will undoubtedly make life a bit easier for whomever that may be.

But if you’re looking for hints at specifics, Sean Payton is not the man to give those answers right now.

“Both of these young guys have progressed and advanced, understanding what we’re doing and there’s a confidence level we have with both players,” Payton said. “They’re different type players but yeah, I think that it’s a strong room and we’re going to lean heavily on a few of these other guys right now.”

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