Hancock County Sheriff discusses deadly inmate overdose

Hancock County sheriff talks about deadly inmate overdose

HANCOCK COUNTY Miss. (WLOX) - “It happens every day. They wrap it up in cellophane and swallow it, and hope to pass it three or four days later.”

To some, it may sound totally bizarre, but Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam said inmates swallowing drugs, passing them and eventually using them happens all the time.

“You do the strip searches, we make them squat and cough, a lot of times we discover it there,” said Adam. “If it’s so far in there it won’t come out, then we have no idea.”

But on Tuesday, Adam said that situation went from odd to deadly when those drugs that came out were consumed, and three inmates overdosed.

“From our investigation it appears that he had it in his rectum, and here a couple of days before it passed and traded it for canteen, and shared it with other inmates,” said Adam. “Everybody responded, first our CO’s and our medical staff responded using the Narcan that we have available in our medical facility. That and oxygen all the way to IV’s trying to save them. Fortunately, we saved two of them, unfortunately one succumbed to the overdose. In fact, one of the guys who did this told us that this is the third or fourth time he’s been saved with Narcan.”

Adam also said the scary thing is they need to find out what was in those drugs because those could be out on the streets of Hancock County.

“We know it’s out there,” said Adam. “And we can out the message out that there’s potentially strong and deadly dope out there, and they’ll still do it.”

Adam said they do it, and also know when to start the unorthodox smuggling process since many are repeat offenders.

“Most of them have been here three or four times,” said Adam. “They know the routine. They know what’s going to happen when they get here.

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