Black Lives Matter Mississippi protests Sen. Chris McDaniel while on the Coast

Black Lives Matter Mississippi protests Sen. Chris McDaniel while on Coast

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - The protest cries echoed through in downtown Gulfport.

About a dozen members of Black Lives Matter Mississippi protested Sen. Chris McDaniel before his meeting with the Harrison County Republican Club.

“We’re not happy with this person,” said Anastassia Doctor, a member of the organization. “He is not a representation of Mississippi and we won’t allow people to think that this person is a representation of Mississippi any longer.”

McDaniel has been a target of BLM Mississippi for what members describe as experiencing racist comments over the years.

When they heard that McDaniel was speaking, protesters showed up with signs and loud voices.

“Some of these organizations, like BLM, have been radicalized. And they’ve become dangerous,” McDaniel said. “I want to be clear though. We’re not going to be intimidated. We’re going to fight for this country. We’re going to fight for the things we believe in.”

The protest caught club president Dan Carr off guard.

“I was not expecting that. I was actually shocked,” said Carr. “But, hey, let’s be honest about it. I believe that people have a right to protest.”

And for Carr, that also means the right to protest the election.

“I think that this election is far from over,” said Carr. “And I think that at the end, we’re going to find that there is a ton of corruption, not just in the Democratic party but also some of those who are working the elections.”

But protest or not, the overwhelming number of votes for Democratic Joe Biden hurt.

“We’re disappointed, but with every disappointment, there’s a challenge. And where there’s a challenge, there’s a potential victory down the road,” said Tom Carpenter, incoming Harrison County Republican Club president. “I think we’ve gained inroads in communities that we’ve never been able to get votes before. And I think that’s something that our leadership - both at the national and state level – we’re going to continue to do that and make those inroads.”

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