Zeta cleanup slow for many in South Mississippi

Zeta cleanup slow for many in South Mississippi

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Nearly three weeks have passed since Hurricane Zeta roared ashore. Yet, for some South Mississippians, questions are still unanswered as to when the cleanup will be complete.

Eighteen days ago, Hurricane Zeta brought a storm surge and sustained winds that many feel was the first big test since 2005′s devastating Hurricane Katrina. In its swath, destruction that is still very present still remains in South Mississippi.

From intersection stop lights to downed fences, impacts from the storm are still making the day-to-day difficult, especially for coastal letter carrier, Dane David.

“I can understand the volume of, and whatnot, all of the debris from the storm because it seemed like an inordinate amount of trees have been knocked down this year, at least from this storm," said David. “The speed in which it’s been picked up, probably only about 25% of my entire route has actually been picked up."

That much debris still left in the roads doesn’t leave David with many options where safety and efficiency are concerned.

“I have one of two options. I’ll scratch the entire side of my vehicle up trying to service the mailbox or I am having to get in and out of it many times a day," said David.

Zeta cleanup slow for many in South Mississippi
Zeta cleanup slow for many in South Mississippi (Source: Photo WLOX)

In Gulfport, a tree still sits on the roof of Southern Pines Apartment tenant Hayden Wallace.

“We’re having some issues with a private rental property right across the fence in my backyard. Their insurance is fighting with our insurance here at my apartment complex and neither one is willing to remit responsibility," Wallace said.

Wallace says there are no structural issues that he is aware of, however, the tree, along with a smattering of damage still remain from one side of his property to the other, which he says is unacceptable.

“There should’ve been a crew here at some point to clean that up. It’s enough that this is not the apartment complex that I moved into in April," Wallace told WLOX.

Wallace says they are aware of the damage and are waiting on word from the property insurance company. We have contacted the apartment complex and as of now have not heard back from the management team.

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