Bay St. Louis calls in reinforcements for Zeta debris removal

“They started today with the trucks, and all, coming in and picking up,” said Mayor Mike Favre.

Bay St. Louis calls in reinforcements for Zeta debris removal

BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WLOX) - The armada has arrived in Hancock County. The mayor and city council approved an emergency contract to bring in a Florida-based crew to remove Hurricane Zeta debris from the streets of Bay St. Louis.

Like countless other neighborhoods in South Mississippi, the streets of Bay St. Louis are cluttered with debris. With one grappling truck only able to clear one street per day, city officials voted to bring in support.

“Everyone expected it to be a weaker storm. You know, maybe a strong tropical depression or a weak category one. The amount of debris and damage is much higher than we expected. We haven’t has this amount of debris or damage since Katrina," said Councilman Gene Hoffman.

So, city officials put out a bid and voted unanimously last week to get started.

Debris removal guidelines
Debris removal guidelines (Source: FEMA)

“Awarded the contract last Thursday, I think it was, to Ashbritt. We’ve got monitoring as well with Debris Tech out of Pearl River County. They started today with the trucks and all, coming in and picking up," said Mayor Mike Favre.

Even though the contractor isn’t cheap, Favre hopes to have help writing that final check.

“Yeah, you know they based it on about 125,000-150,000 cubic yards of materials and all. I think we’re probably looking in excess of $2,000,000, probably in that neighborhood, to get it cleaned up. We’re hoping FEMA comes in and steps up and makes reimbursements for everyone," Favre told WLOX.

With the amount of work still left to do, Favre said he hopes to have the city streets back to normal by the end of the year.

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