The 37th annual Christmas City gift show comes to an end Sunday

The 37th annual Christmas City gift show comes to an end Sunday

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Celebrating 37 years, the Ron Myers Christmas City gift show came to an end on Sunday, despite this year’s show being slightly different due to COVID-19.

While changes were made, the number of booths remained the same, with more than 300 booths filled with gifts for customers to buy. However, they were more spaced out to help with social distancing and there were no children activities this year.

“We came out to browse and see if we could find some unique gifts for our family.” said Danielle Garner.

Garner, as well as many other families, said they didn’t think twice about attending the gift show.

“We need a sense of normalcy," said Garner. “I believe it’s nice to social distance but to get out and do normal things that we’ve done in everyday life.”

Each year the gift show gets people in the Christmas spirit, displaying thousands of gifts that could bring a smile to a loved one each holiday season.

At each booth, you notice something different and unique, like jewelry, arts and crafts, clothing, favorite team gear, and more. Returning vendors said they didn’t really notice a decrease in business this year, and first-time vendors said they’re definitely going to return, like Kelsie Yost, owner of Kookie’s by Kelsie.

“I’ve already got probably around 10 people messaging me for custom orders like starting next week and further up until like January February time frame.” said Yost.

Most people said this was a convenient way to buy Christmas gifts early since many have canceled traditional plans.

“I have to buy a little more in advance because we usually travel home which is North Carolina, and we’re not going this year of course," said Janet Lashley. "Well, it will just be me my husband, and my two girls so it’s going to a very small.”

This three-day event generated a huge crowd, so as families filled the coliseum, face masks were required to enter and families were encouraged to social distance.

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