Pass Christian holds special Senior Night for teen athlete diagnosed with cancer

Abby Bosarge’s special senior night

PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. (WLOX) - Abby Bosarge is a superstar.

The Pass High senior was voted captain of the soccer team, and is the youngest member of the Gulf Coast Monarchy football team. Both high accomplishments - and both thanks to her tremendous work ethic, and fierce passion.

“It’s not really that I was born with the talent to do this, but I loved it so much, that it made working hard to get better, easier," Abby said. "I would run outside of practice to get my endurance up, I would sit out there at our little field with the goals set up and I would practice, practice, practice.”

It’s that same work ethic that has helped her fight through the most difficult fight of her life.

“We thought she was going to the hospital to get fluids," said Abby’s mother, Jerusha Bosarge. "We thought she was dehydrated because she had been ill, and we never came back.”

In June, just months before her senior season was set to begin, Abby was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Since then, she’s spent nearly every day at hospitals in three different cities. But this past week, she came home to see family, friends, and teachers for the first time in months.

Before Pass Christian’s game against Gulfport, Abby was honored with her own senior night, and a chance to see the people that make The Pass her home.

“To see them there, like, right there, it just blew my mind - the amount of people that cared, were out there supporting," Abby said. "It’s not just cards getting sent to you, they’re right there. I feel so, so lucky.”

The love shown toward Abby is a testament to the amount of love Abby shows toward everyone.

“She makes friends with younger patients and cares for them," Jerusha said. "She cooks for the staff. Who does that, when they’re incarcerated into a hospital for months, battling a life-threatening disease? She spends every day caring for others.”

The support from the Gulf Coast community, coupled with her ability to organically create a smile, has helped her keep fighting - all thanks to that superstar work ethic she learned years ago.

“I always tell myself, you worked hard on the field, you can work hard in the hospital," Abby said. "No matter where you are, no matter what is ailing you, no matter what you can think you can do, you can always work hard. As long as you give your best and you can go to sleep at night knowing you put everything you have into this day, then you’re doing something right.”

If you want to show your support, you can join over 3,000 other members on the Abby’s Army Facebook page.

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