Nurse reaches out to those dealing with COVID-19 after her own experience with the virus

Nurse reaches out to those dealing with COVID-19 after her own experience with the virus

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - COVID-19 can be a lonely ordeal, having to be quarantined for weeks with no contact with the outside world. No one knows that more than nurse Julie Cannon, who recently recovered from a case of the coronavirus.

Julie’s quarantine period ended just over a week ago, but she says she’s still feeling some side effects of the illness.

“I’m not contagious anymore and pretty much fully recovered except that I still have some fatigue," she said. “I feel like I can do stuff, but then I get up and I start doing it and I have to sit down."

Despite her battle with fatigue, Julie decided to reach out to others dealing with COVID-19.

“When I was going through it, I felt like I just wanted to have somebody to talk to that had been through it. And, it kind of seems like there’s a stigma with it. A lot of people don’t want people to know that they had COVID, which I don’t really understand because it’s a pandemic and it’s nothing that we can control," she said.

Julie posted a message on her Facebook page letting her friends and family know she’s here to help.

Julie Cannon, Facebook post.
Julie Cannon, Facebook post. (Source: WLOX)

“I just kind of felt alone because I didn’t know anyone who had it that had the symptoms that I was having. I just wanted to reach out to my friends and family and just let them know you’re not alone," she said. "If you want somebody to talk to that’s been there, reach out to me. I had several people reach out within the first five minutes of posting because everybody wants to be able to talk to somebody whose been through what they’re going through. I just didn’t want anybody to feel alone.”

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