Coast catering businesses prepare for Thanksgiving

Coast catering businesses prepare for Thanksgiving

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Things are busy in the kitchen at Scranton’s Restaurant and Catering. Next week will be even busier as more catering orders for Thanksgiving start to roll in.

But, if it will be as busy as previous years, is yet to be known.

Owner Richard Chenoweth said people are hesitant this year about ordering the larger meals.

“We’re getting calls, people asking us if we’re going to be doing Thanksgiving dinners and Turkeys and everything like that. But they’re not really committing and they’re kind of hesitating. They’re trying to decide whether they’re going to have the big gathering or not. It’s just a lot of hesitancy out there," he said.

But as orders continue to come in, Chenoweth is optimistic. He said the extra business is needed after a rocky year.

“Right now, everything is important. Every little scrap of business is important and we appreciate all the support that we’re getting from the local community," said Chenoweth. "People are really taking it seriously, and really trying to support locals.”

Over at Exclusive Dining and Catering, chef Sherman Kyse isn’t having a problem selling his fried and smoked turkeys and he said he’s already pre-sold dozens.

“I think that people are still going to gather together with their families for Thanksgiving," said Kyse. "And by the numbers, no, I think people are just going to gather together.”

Kyse hopes to sell 100 turkeys by Thanksgiving, a goal he anticipates meeting.

“Since we announced our offerings, we’ve been getting a positive response," said Kyse. "So we’re all smiles over here at Exclusive.”

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