Broken traffic lights at critical intersections causing concern

Broken traffic lights at critical intersections causing concern

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - It’s a good sign in more ways than one. One of the busiest intersections on Pass Road at the intersection of DeBuys is finally getting a working traffic light after Hurricane Zeta took its toll.

But, the lights aren’t the only problem. Some drivers are just blowing through the intersections, like the one at Ford Street and Pass Road, when they should be treated as four-way stops.

“No one’s paying attention. I’ve almost been hit three times,” said Steve White. “I stop, they won’t stop. They keep going. Nobody’s even being cordial and letting anybody go. It’s mayhem.”

And it’s not necessarily because they’re bad drivers.

“I’ve witnessed people going through,” said Sgt. Jason Ducre with the Gulfport Police Department. “And I’ve also witnessed when I’m pulling somebody over, I see like three more people run it. So, you know, and I’ve almost ran a couple. People, they get in auto pilot. And it’s just one of things. We’ve got to pay extra attention and we’ve got to stay focused.”

There are at least five intersections along Pass Road in Gulfport, where the intersections do not have functioning traffic lights. One of the more dangerous intersections is here at Pass Road and Tegarden Road.

Jennifer Arde, whose office is at the corner of the intersection, has seen many near accidents.

“All day long I sit at my desk and we hear cars screeching, coming to a stop at the right light, you can hear them slamming on brakes,” said Arde. “Some of them are coming so fast with traffic. And if some are stopped, you’ll hear all the cars honking their horns trying to warn the ones they see that obviously are not going to stop.”

And Arde said that she has learned to be extra careful.

“Sometimes, I’ll sit here and I’ll let a few cars go before it’s probably way past my turn,” said Arde. “But, it’s just to make sure that no cars are flying down Pass Road and are not going to stop.”

Gulfport officials said that the city has put in order for new traffic lights and they will be installed when they arrive.

There is no estimated completion time at this point.

For comparison, Biloxi has seven traffic lights still not functioning.

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