Hancock County recovery from Hurricane Zeta moving along

Hancock County recovery from Hurricane Zeta moving along

HANCOCK COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - The mechanisms necessary for hurricane recovery are moving in Hancock County.

FEMA and MEMA officials were out assessing damages Thursday, so that the county and its residents can recover at least some of the costs of cleaning up.

“What this does is, it helps figure out the amount of assistance we’ll be able to get through FEMA and MEMA.” said Hancock County EMA Deputy Director.

Lakeshore resident Deborah Lassabe, was not counting on very much from the federal agency considering that it’s been a busy year.

“It’s a little bit of insurance," said Lassabe. "But they’ve had so many disasters this year that I’m sure it’s going to be far down the road before any assistance comes.

Still, Lassabe said she will be patient and welcome any assistance she can get.

“It’s all you can do," said Lassabe. "I’m a senior now and a widow and on my own and that little Social Security check doesn’t go too far a month, it’s just necessities and not expenses.”

Zeta tore the roof off of the trailer Lassabe and her husband bought after Hurricane Katrina destroyed everything they owned in 2005.

She had recently put a new roof on the front porch, but it’s now gone. As of now, her trailer has a tarp roof and her garage is scattered in pieces across the lawn.

Still, like many Katrina survivors she had a unique way of putting things in perspective.

“I’ve got holes in the roof, but I got walls, so I’m thankful.” said Lassabe.

Lassabe said she got help from a church group to handle temporary repairs.

“The churches and things, they have come with their crews," said Lassabe. "And my whole roof was gone and it was a mess and they cleaned it up for me and that was a blessing.”

Those people who didn’t suffer structural damage are waiting for debris removal to begin. The county is still going through the contract process, but it will begin soon, according to Hancock County Administrator Eddie Favre.

“One week, ten days at the most," said Favre. “Thanksgiving weekend. By then they should be picking up.”

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