Pine Belt students write poems, letters to veterans

Pine Belt students write poems, letters to veterans
Students at Columbia Elementary School wrote poems about veterans to honor our nation's heroes. (Source: WDAM)

Columbia, Miss. (WDAM) - Students at one school in Columbia are learning about the importance of Veterans Day.

4th Grade students at Columbia Elementary School celebrated Veterans Day in a creative and academic way.

Each year the school puts on a Veterans Day musical. However, the program was canceled this year due to COVID-19. But, that didn’t stop one teacher from educating her students about our veterans.

Ms. Emily Knight teaches reading and language arts. She wanted to incorporate academics into honoring our nation’s heroes. To do that, her students wrote poems about veterans.

She says she wanted veterans to still be acknowledged despite the ongoing pandemic canceling the school musical.

“Every year we usually do have the program, the musical, the Veterans Day musical, and of course this year we can’t and it was always just a really good time for the children to bring pictures of their relatives and be proud to present that to everybody,” said Knight. “And since we couldn’t do that this year, I wanted them to still have some kind of recognition and let the veterans realize, you know, that just because COVID is going on and maybe has put a halt to some plans, we’re still remembering them.”

It doesn’t stop there. Students also wrote letters to veterans within their own families.

“I wanted them to have some type of connection with their family,” said Knight. “And so just deepen that respect. I’ve been very impressed because these kids have such a respect for their military, the military just in general, but their family members, too. They’re very proud of their relatives who have served.”

The poems will be on display at the library in Columbia.

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