Gautier High celebrates veterans with a parade

Gautier High celebrates veterans with a parade

GAUTIER, Miss. (WLOX) - Gautier High always finds a way to say thank you to our veterans, even during a global pandemic.

This year, in lieu of its annual veterans day breakfast, the school did a drive-thru celebration.

“I was talking to one of the committee members, they’ve done this even through Katrina, they moved it to April," said Gautier High School Principal Roy Tolbert. “And with the pandemic, we thought oh how are we going to do it, so some of the staff members came up with the idea of a parade or a drive thru.”

A huge flag greeted veterans as they arrived on campus. Hundreds of students lined the drive along the school, cheering on the veterans with signs and flags.

“Love doing it. It’s a good environment out here," said student Mo Gregory. “We do it every year. We go all out.”

Another student, Katie Coleman said despite everything that’s going on in the world, giving thanks to our veterans was important.

“We can show our respect to the veterans even though everything that’s going on in the world," said Coleman. “We still can show our respects and thankfulness for them.”

Gautier High student Lillian Bains also agreed.

“They have done so much for this country," said Bains. “And they just, they’re awesome people, and they really deserve to be honored.”

Organizers hope that this will instill in students a lifelong appreciation for veterans.

“Teaching students that we need to thank the men and women who have sacrificed so much for the democracy that we are able to enjoy." said Susie Bounds.

Principal Roy Tolbert served as the Grand Marshall for the parade. He, too, is a veteran.

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