LATEST: Number of power outages across South Mississippi

LATEST: Number of power outages across South Mississippi
Thousands of residents across South Mississippi are still without power as of 8 a.m. Friday. (Source: MEMA)

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Thousands of residents across South Mississippi are still without power Sunday. Linemen are spread out throughout the state, working hard to restore service for everyone affected.

As of 9 p.m. Sunday, Mississippi Power has approximately 5,853 customers without service.

Based on the completed damage assessment, the company expects to restore 95 percent of power by midnight on Monday night.

A total of 189,715 customers in South Mississippi have been served. The breakdown is as follows:

Jackson County: 125 customers out, 19,389 customers served

George County: 422 customers out; 2,074 customers served

Harrison County: 4,393 customers out; 57,261 customers served

Hancock County: 868 customers out; 6,156 customers served

Stone County: 1 customers out; 3,077 customers served

Pearl River County: 0 customers out; 8,849 customers served

Mississippi Power crews assessing damage to start restoring power


As of 9 p.m., Sunday, Singing River Electric is reporting 15,505 customers without power. A total of 76,061 members have been served.

At the height of the storm, 65,000 of Singing River’s 83,000 members lost power. Crews were able to make progress and get many major feeders yesterday, which restored several thousand members.

Here are current outage numbers by county:

  • George County: 6,000
  • Jackson County: 5,900
  • Harrison County: 122
  • Stone County: 28
Singing River Electric power outage update

Day 3 of #HurricaneZeta power restoration is underway. Our linemen are encountering a tremendous number of broken poles...

Posted by Singing River Electric on Saturday, October 31, 2020


Pearl River Crews, along with Magnolia Electric, Central Electric, and Northeast Mississippi Electric Power Association, are working to restore outages in Stone County and the surrounding area.

As of 9 p.m. Sunday, there are 262 current outages reported.

George County: 69 customers out of the 128 customers in the county are without power

Pearl River County: 0 customers out of 1,992 customers in the county are without power

Stone County: 169 customers out of the 6,411 customers in the county are without power

Jackson County: 8 customers out of the 14 customers in the county are without power

Crews were out bright and early today. We have over 140 linemen and outside personnel in the field. Thanks to Raymond May for these pictures.

Posted by Pearl River Valley Electric Power Association on Saturday, October 31, 2020


As of 9 p.m. Sunday, Coast Electric is reporting 8,345 customers without power in the following counties:

Harrison County: 5,995 without power

Hancock County: 2,245 without power

Pearl River County: 12 without power

Coast Electric updates work to restore power
How We Restore Your Service

Crews are out this morning working to restore service to our members. While we've made remarkable progress, and while we are proud of the work our crews have accomplished, we know there is still much work to do. We've been getting some questions about how we restore service and hope this video helps explain the process. Coast Electric crews, along with nearly 700 additional crew members, are out today to work for you. There are still many broken poles and those take quite some time to replace so we appreciate your patience as we go from pole to pole to make repairs. Crews will be working in the areas below. Please remember that this list is not comprehensive and shows general areas, and that we may not be able to answer questions about your individual home. Harrison County: West Side of Hwy 49 - Coleman Rd - Ashleigh Drive - Moran Rd - Northrup Cuevas Rd - Cemetery Rd - Houston Ladner Rd - Borzik Rd - Henry Harley Rd - Briar Rd - Mark West Rd - Loren Cuevas Rd - Clark Ln - Gulf Haven Rd - C.C. Camp Rd - Mennonite Rd - Bond Rd - Saucier double circuit from substation to Hwy 49 (checking poles) East Side of Hwy 49 - O’neal Rd - Success Community - S Carr Bridge Rd - Shriner’s Blvd - Hwy 15 N feeder (Posey Bridge Rd, C.C Rd, Gilbert Preston Rd, etc) - Lamey S feeder (to dump) - Woolmarket SE & SW feeders - Big Ridge Rd, Bachman Rd, Highland Rd Hancock County: - Kiln Delisle Rd from Wards to Fenton Dedeaux Rd (Magnolia Estates, Fenton Dedeaux Rd, Runnymede Rd, Magnolia Cove, Rotten Bayou Rd) - Middle Dubuisson Rd, East Dubuisson Rd, Firetower Rd, Placides Rd - Ansley and Heron Bay Area and Viola Garcia Rd and Lambert Lane - Pearlington, Springwood Park, Bayside Park, Harbor Dr, Shoreline Park - Paradise Rd, Good St, Fiber St, Wolfe St, Cain St (and surrounding area) - Barth Rd - Redfish - White Cypress Lakes - Shiloh Church Rd - Jordan Rd - Cleveland Ladner Rd ,F. Malley Rd, and along Vidalia Rd - Deschamp Rd and Standard Dedeaux Rd - Edwin Ladner Rd and JP Ladner Rd - Crane Creek Rd, Shawtown Rd, McNeil McHenry Rd - Old Kiln Picayune Rd - Hwy 90 (by Bayside Park) - Diamondhead (working scattered streets) - Silver Creek Pearl River County: - Any remaining scattered outages

Posted by Coast Electric Power Association on Sunday, November 1, 2020

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