Shoppers rush to hardware stores to buy supplies to cleanup after Zeta

Shoppers rush to hardware stores to buy supplies to cleanup after Zeta

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Hardware stores are staying busy as people continue to clean up after Hurricane Zeta.

With many people still in the dark, generators are selling faster. People were also picking up rakes, flashlights, and chainsaws.

“I come to get some supplies because the power was out," said Howard Dunn. “So I got some extension cords and some bags, and some gas for the generator.”

Dunn knew exactly what he needed when he went to Lowe’s Friday morning. Like many others, he’s in the dark after Hurricane Zeta.

“It’s been a tough time right now," said Dunn. "Dealing with the power being out, kids at home, stuff like that.”

He wasn’t the only one shopping for supplies. Christine Vonsenven and Candie Lebouff are also without power, so they picked up these lights to make things a little easier.

“Unfortunately, there was no candles and stuff here so the guy helped us out brought us to lights," said Candie Lebouff. “And I found this was a lot more sufficient than the candles and the kerosene lamp. So I’m very pleased with my purchase.”

Lebouff is still in shock by how much damage Zeta caused.

“This was devastating, this was devastating," said Lebouff. "It’ll definitely be a slow clean up, not as bad as Katrina but still it took it’s toll on southeast Mississippi. It really did.”

Some shoppers are crossing their fingers that this will be the first and last hurricane South Mississippi gets.

“We were prone to get one sooner or later," said Dan Prairie. "It seemed like everyone in the north Gulf got some kind of storm and we were fortunate until this one. But it could be worse.”

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