Residents survive Zeta floodwaters but lose possessions

Residents survive Zeta floodwaters but lose possessions

D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - Hurricane Zeta was a primarily a wind storm for most of us, but some residents in D’Iberville didn’t see it that way. They are lucky to have escaped after their homes flooded from swollen back waters caused by tidal surge.

A wet mound of clothes, household items and furniture is all that’s left of Teresa Stark’s possessions. A flooded creek behind her property launched about four feet of water into her house.

“It came up to here, but once the water started coming up through the window," Stark said. "It started to slosh up even higher.”

At that point, Stark and her son finally escaped.

“I couldn’t get this door open,” said Stark. “It just completely swelled shut. So my son went out the window and was able to get it open for me and then we just swam through the parking lot over to the church.”

She thought because Zeta was supposed to be a wind storm that it would be okay.

“I thought we would just ride it out, but it didn’t work that way.” said Stark.

But, It didn’t work out well for neighbor Timothy Montgomery either.

After busting through his front door, he was met with a force of water that knocked him off his feet.

“The current took me underwater,” said Montgomery. “So I ended up swimming next door and walked up the stairs until police got here. They got a boat in here and they rescued us.”

And now, he isn’t sure what his next step will be.

“I don’t have no family here. I lost everything,” Montgomery said. “Just trying to figure out what I’m going to do next.”

Stark spend the day after the storm, going through whatever she could salvage.

“I wasn’t sure what to save, because I don’t really have a place to do to bring anything,” said Stark. “Eventually, I’ll find a place to do, maybe get a storage unit to put it in.”

And learning a valuable lesson.

“Last storm we were threatened with I loaded up my U-Haul,” said Stark. “Next time, I will do that again.”

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