Pass Christian residents clean up after Hurricane Zeta

Pass Christian residents clean up after Hurricane Zeta

PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. (WLOX) - Pass Christian residents were up early Thursday morning cleaning up the destruction that Hurricane Zeta left behind.

Denise Bourdin spent the morning picking up pieces of what used to be her business, Adolph Bourdin Air Conditioning and Heating.

The small building was destroyed when Hurricane Zeta roared through.

“We had a little building that’s been here probably since 2016, and it’s gone," said Bourdin.

Bourdin said she’s wasn’t expecting Zeta to cause so much damage.

“Not as bad as Katrina all over but it’s kind of like oh here we go again.” said Bourdin

Bourdin wasn’t the only one dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Zeta. Clean up crews went to work bright and early, with debris scattered across Highway 90. The storm also washed boats ashore.

Keira and Carter Aiken said this was a powerful storm.

“It was pitch black and there was a lot of rain and wind, and the wind was howling," said Keira Aiken. "And I could not sleep because I was sweating like crazy, and the power’s still off.”

Catherine Griffon spent her morning raking tree debris, but she’s glad things weren’t worse.

“I don’t have any house damage that I can tell, anyway," said Griffon. "But I did have one tree that I think I’m going to lose. But other than that, it’s been pretty okay. Not terrible. Not great.”

As for Bourdin, she’s hoping this will be the first and the last hurricane of the season for South Mississippi.

“We lucked out all season long," said Bourdin. “But hey, one thing I said was if this one gets us and we don’t have power then we won’t be sweating.”

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