Pope Francis’s support of same-sex civil unions causes some Catholics to speak out

Pope Francis’s support of same-sex civil unions causes some Catholics to speak out

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Pope Francis has caused some Catholics to speak up after endorsing same-sex civil unions for the first time.

Some Catholics opened up about how they felt about the pope’s public endorsement.

“The pope I think should not have addressed that.” said Bob Usey, Gulf Coast Roman Catholic.

He addressed same-sex civil unions by saying “homosexuals have the right to be in a family and they are children of God."

Usey said Pope Francis’s statements have created confusion within the Catholic community.

“He should’ve just learned to watch his mouth when he speaks because he is not speaking as an individual.” said Usey.

Usey said what the Pope said is his opinion, but until the proper steps are followed, that’s all it will be.

“How it becomes law," said Usey. “Yes, it becomes a doctrine of the church which is analogues to becoming a law.”

Becoming a doctrine, Usey said it takes more than just the pope himself. It starts with a parish priest, then works its way up the hierarchy.

"I try to keep an open mind about it because I’m sure he’s trying to make everything better as well as everybody else.” said Tanya Leone, Louisiana Catholic.

Leone believes the pope is trying to form unity, encouraging all to just love one another.

“People that are being accused of these allegations; you know maybe repent and ask for forgiveness because you always forgive," said Leone. "It’s not a shame to make a mistake, it’s a shame to continue to make them.”

As tradition, Usey said same sex acts are prohibited in the catechism, but it’s not his job to judge anyone.

“Whether we go to church today, or we don’t ever step foot in, I don’t discriminate against these people. I don’t even judge them, God judges every one of us,” said Usey. "I just want to hear your argument. "

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