Gautier takes on their 30th annual Mullet Festival

Gautier takes on their 30th annual Mullet Festival

GAUTIER, Miss. (WLOX) - The Gautier community took on yet another Mullet Festival, despite COVID-19 and the threat of rain raising concerns for some attendees and vendors.

Nearly 100 vendors filled the former Singing River Mall parking lot, after months of little to no business at all.

“All of my other festivals have been canceled except for maybe couple this year," said artist Jess Emile. "And it’s tough as an artist who depends on festivals when everything because of COVID is cancelled.”

But COVID-19 didn’t put a stop to the 30th annual Mullet Festival, allowing many to feel a bit of normalcy with hopes to move forward from the pandemic.

“We can’t stop living just because of COVID,” said Chris Gambler, a festival attendee. "All we can do is just try to social distance. We have to move on and keep going.”

Food trucks prepared endless amounts of food as first-time vendors brought several items.

“We have jewelry. We have shoes. We have lounge wear.” said Merideth Dickerson, Blackdoor Boutique owner.

This festival acted as an aid to the community and many attendees like Chris Gambler attend each year to support local business, especially as most try to recover from the pandemic.

“I think these festivals, this one and the Peter Anderson festival is kind of the life blood of a lot of these communities," said Gambler. "And we start losing that stuff the community is going to end up the one suffering.”

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