Judge Osgood’s family thanks the community for support, honors two lost souls

Published: Oct. 23, 2020 at 8:22 PM CDT
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MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - It was an emotional news conference this afternoon at Moss Point City Hall.

The family of Justice Court Judge Sheila Osgood held a news conference about this week’s tragic deaths of the judge and her son. The news conference was led by Osgood’s oldest son, Nubian Holmes.

He thanked the community for all of the support to his family following the death of his mother, and he described her as a faithful servant.

“All of us standing before you today, and so many more. So many voices, so many faces that you may not see here that were touched by her life are part of her story," said Holmes. “A story that shaped Sheila Osgood into a sister, a friend, a neighbor, a judge and a mother.”

Holmes also asked for blessings for his brother, 45-year old Gregory Jackson, who was was shot and killed by police after authorities say he ran toward officers with a large knife in his hand.

“We ask God to have mercy on my brother’s soul,” said Holmes. “My brother’s soul. We do that because my mom would have done that.”

And he added an emotional thank you to the Moss Point Police Department for the way officers handled the case.

“The Moss Point Police Department responded and handled this so compassionately,” said Holmes. “I thank them. I know that those officers are on administrative leave. I want to say to their families, be proud of those officers. Don’t condemn them for what they did because they did what they did to protect everybody.”

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