Study: Baby bottles can shed plastic particles

Study: Baby bottles can shed plastic particles
A new study says plastic baby bottles can shed microplastic particles, though the exact health risks remain unknown. (Source: WFTV via CNN)

(CNN) – A new study indicates that microplastics can seep out of a heated plastic baby bottle.

The study, which was published in the journal Nature, follows previous findings on human exposure to tiny plastic particles in the ocean and soil. That potential risk is brought about when plastics degrade in the environment.

Researchers said they don’t want to alarm parents because there isn’t enough information yet on the potential consequences, but they do recommend that baby formula should not be reheated in plastic containers or microwave ovens.

They also recommend against shaking the formula inside a plastic bottle.

While the jury is out on what harm, if any, microplastics might cause, researchers plan to make recommendations for safer practices in the future.

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