Sean Payton thinks Saints ‘haven’t played near’ potential

Saints face Teddy Bridgewater, Panthers on Sunday

NEW ORLEANS, Lou. (WLOX) - The Saints will welcome back a familiar face on Sunday as they will face Teddy Bridgewater and the Panthers in the Superdome. With up to 3,000 fans in attendance, the Saints get a chance to make a statement after a much-needed bye week last week.

After a massive win in week one over Tampa Bay, New Orleans hasn’t quite looked the same for a number of reasons. Even though their play hasn’t been flawless, Sean Payton feels they’re just scratching the surface.

“We’ve had some gutsy wins. I still feel like I’m learning relative to who we can be and who we are," Payton said. "I just think there’s a number of areas that we have to improve but there is a resiliency. I think we have good leadership. We’ve overcome some early obstacles. And yet we haven’t played near what I think we’re capable of playing.”

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