Saucier couple’s viral video brings smiles to millions

Saucier couple’s viral video brings smiles to millions

SAUCIER, Miss. (WLOX) - The video has over five and a half million views, one million likes, and more than 84,000 shares.

That’s what a simple video of Annette Goff’s 90th birthday party has turned into on social media. In the Tik Tok video, she receives a bite of her birthday cake from her husband Sherwood, who’s 101-years-old.


Married for 71 years... Dated for only 3 months before vows. He’s 101 She’s 90. ##goals ##marriage ##fyp ##love ##fy ##happy

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They’ve been married for 71 years and are still going strong. Since their grand-daughter initially posted the video on October 11th, it’s gone viral with millions of views and likes.

“I didn’t even expect it to be on there, much less, all those people," said Goff. "It’s kind of embarrassing, you know?”

But, Sherwood said he knows why the video is so popular.

She’s the celebrity," said Sherwood. “I’m not the celebrity, she is.”

The video even pulls at the heartstrings of Goff’s five children.

“It’s really touching,” said son Jerry. “The first time I saw it I started welling up and wanting to burst because it’s so touching, but that’s what I’ve lived with my whole life, always that togetherness. I’ll bet you daddy tells mom he loves her more than 30 times a day.”

To be honest, they were pretty lovey-dovey during our conversation, just like in the now viral video.

“He’s not perfect, but he’s as close to perfect as you can get for a husband and father to our five children,” said Goff. “We’ve had such a wonderful marriage, so it’s wonderful.”

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