Judge Osgood remembered for her positivity and fairness

Judge Osgood remembered for her positivity and fairness

JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - As investigators try to decipher the evidence surrounding the death of Justice Court Judge Sheila Osgood, those she left behind are struggling to deal with it all.

Her office was filled with signs of positivity and it still remains a place of respite.

“If you were a little down, you read some of her sayings, it would kind of lift you up there.” said Blair Worthy, administrative assistant.

It wasn’t a surprise for Worthy to find a note of scripture next to her computer, after she reluctantly entered her office the day after her death.

"It says ‘Blessed are the peacemakers for they should be called Children of God.’ " said Worthy.

Worthy has known Judge Osgood for about 22 years as she worked in the circuit clerk’s office, and later in justice court.

“She always gave that advice,” said Worthy. “It always kind of narrowed down to a scripture, to a word to uplift you. So, that I will miss.”

The news of her violent death still has her in shock.

“When I got the phone call, I immediately texted her,” Worthy said. "You, know, asking her, ‘Is everything OK at home?’ "

But, she never received a response.

“Even this morning when I looked at my text, I was hoping she would have texted me back,” Worthy said. “That will be forever in my heart, waiting on that last text from her.”

For now, her office will be kept the same.

“I just left everything, you know, to remember her,” Worthy said.

Her snack trays untouched. Her chair empty. Her gavel still.

“I dragged in here this morning. I was dreading it,” Worthy added. “I didn’t want to pass by her door. I didn’t want to pick up any paperwork with her name on it, you know. Because it still brought tears. So, it’s very heart breaking.”

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell has also known and worked with Judge Osgood for years.

“She was a wonderful person,” said Ezell. “You know, it’s such a tragedy. Here she was an elected official in Jackson County, a Justice Court Judge. The officers really enjoyed her. She was a joy to be around. She was very fair and impartial. And she’ll be sadly missed in our community.”

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