Authorities, family describe situation leading to AMBER Alert and recovery of Pascagoula boys

Missing Mississippi boys found safe in Lincoln County

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - Six-year-old Kaiden Wall and two-year-old Kolden Wall were found near a motel in Lincoln County on Monday morning.

Pascagoula Police Chief Matt Chapman said officers went to Lincoln County where the two boys were found to take custody of their mother Sarah Caswell and bring her back to the Coast. Chapman expects Caswell to face a kidnapping charge.

Kaiden and his brother Kolden were last seen at Beach Park in Pascagoula on Friday around 5:21 p.m. The two brothers were staying with a foster family and were taken during a supervised visit with their mother.

Pascagoula Police Special Operations Capt. Terry Scott said multiple law enforcement agencies immediately jumped on the case with the search extending into Mobile.

“Several folks came out, and we met a team over there and then we got with the MBI here. They actually got the AMBER Alert out for us," Scott said. "Alabama was able to get their AMBER Alert going and we just had a lot of help.”

The father of the two boys, Jonathan Wall, passed away in the spring of this year. Jonathan’s sister-in-law Ashley Lowe said both parents struggled with drug addiction.

“They both lost custody of the children a couple of months before he passed," Ashley said. "Literally a couple of months. They were both using drugs.”

Ashley believes Caswell was not clearly thinking when she took her two sons from Beach Park.

“Me knowing Sarah, sober or not sober, those are her babies and she’s mama bear and wants to protect them," Ashley. "So in her mind, I believe she thought she was doing what she needed to do as a mom to have them all together, not thinking about the outcome in the end.”

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