Mississippi Coastal Cleanup continues along the Gulf Coast

Mississippi Coastal Cleanup continues

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI, Miss. (WLOX) - COVID-19 has changed a lot of things, but many organizations are finding new and creative ways to carry on with their events.

Mississippi Coastal Cleanup set up a safe small clean up event today by allowing residents to pick up self kits to clean individually, or with a handful of people of their choice.

Those there today said the pandemic shouldn’t stop community effort to keep the city in good shape.

“Usually have like a designated date and a weekend to pick up throughout the coastal area but because of COVID they couldn’t do that so they decided to do it this way," said Helen Vandergrinten, a Biloxi volunteer. "I think it’s better because you can actually just do it on their time.”

If you picked up a cleaning kit, those items should be returned on October 26.

For information on the organization, you can visit their website at visit www.EastBiloxiCC.org

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