LSU-Florida matchup postponed

LSU-Florida game postponed

BATON ROUGE, Lou. (WLOX) - After Florida’s loss to Texas A&M, where over 24,000 fans were in attendance in limited capacity, former MSU coach and current UF head coach Dan Mullen said he’d like to see their fans “pack the Swamp” if state officials would allow it.

Since that statement, Mullen has had to backtrack after the school paused all football activities because of COVID-19.

On Wednesday, Saturday’s game between LSU and No. 10 Florida in Gainesville was postponed after the Gators' outbreak. According to Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin, the Gators have 18 positives among scholarship players and three among walk-ons, but said they’re either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.

The SEC requires their teams to have a minimum of 53 scholarship players available before a game can be canceled or postponed, UF had less than 50.

“Really have no obvious answers about the origin of spread,” athletic director Scott Stricklin said. “Suspicion of the trip to College Station probably was at the root of it. A lot of this is anecdotal, but talking to our sports health staff, a couple athletes tested positive after that trip. Late last week, they had what they thought were allergy-type symptoms. One of them was congested, one had a headache, and they did not report those symptoms. They didn’t think it was anything but a seasonal type cold.”

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