Biloxi VA drive-thru flu shot clinic brings out veterans

Biloxi VA drive-thru flu shot clinic brings out veterans

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Thursday marks the beginning of a new program from the Biloxi VA to help keep veterans healthy during the 2020 flu season.

Hundreds of veterans came out to day one of the VA’s drive-thru flu shot clinic. Experts say with COVID-19 concerns adding to the impending flu season, it’s more important than ever for veterans to get vaccinated.

“In some instances you can get a co-infection where you have the flu and COVID," said Brian Foresman, Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care Systems Chief of Staff. "That can be lethal anyway with the COVID-19, but with the combination it can be extremely important. So we really try to get people to come thru and get their flu shot, right now.”

For veterans, flu shots will be given every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 3 p.m. at the Biloxi VA.

“A lot of our veterans are the high risk category," said Sarah Smith, VA nurse. "So it’s important for them to get their flu shots as quickly as possible to give their bodies time to build up the resistance.”

For them, and for everyone, getting a flu shot could end up saving lives.

“You can see the number of people that are here," Foresman said. "That means, they’re involved, and also the urgency of what’s needed going forward.”

Those with credentials to be treated at the VA will be eligible to get their flu shots here. Veterans getting flu shots are also urged to wear a short sleeve shirt so they can receive their vaccinations without getting out of the car.

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