7-year-old Carson’s rescue hit home for the deputies who found him

7-year-old Carson’s rescue hit home for the deputies who found him

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - Instead of heading home after a full shift at the office, both Sgt. Robert Zwick and Officer Jeremy Miller decided to join the team search to find 7-year-old Carson.

“By the time I got to the back door back here, I heard Sargent yell there he is I found him,” Miller said.

Even though their shift was over, they both rooted for 7-year-old Carson to make it back home safe. With them both being fathers, it hit home a little bit more.

“As it was getting close to dark, we knew it was going to be cool outside and the potential for hypothermal," Miller said. “So, we had to get him found and not just give up.”

Searching high and low near the area Carson ran away from, both officers split up at a vacant house.

“After I cleared this, I turned and his head stuck up out of this glass door right here,” Zwick said.

Zwick immediately pushed the door open, allowing Carson to exit a room on the side of the house safely.

“He was excited," Zwick said. "He popped his head up in the glass and kind of startled me for a second, but I was really glad to see him.”

Pulling together as a community, the officers say the search couldn’t have ended any better, even leading one man to give Carson the yellow shirt he was wearing.

“Keep your eyes on your kids," Miller said.

Zwick also said that people should be more aware of their surroundings.

“Beware of your surroundings,” Zwick said. “Like I said, that’s community coming together. We walked him out, set him on the fire department truck and waited for the ambulance to get here.”

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