2020 Shrimp Season going pretty well for many

2020 Shrimp Season going pretty well for many

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - In between dodging tropical storms and hurricanes, it appears that the 2020 shrimp season has gone pretty well for those who make a living on the water.

Lucky Bui, spent time on the docks working on his dad’s shrimp boat. Wednesday, he was very busy as several boats hauled in lots of white shrimp, which are in season right now.

“Now with the colder weather in here in October and November, the white shrimp are coming in and that’s good,” Bui said. “This is my dad’s boat, so he’s been doing pretty good every night so far.”

And a good night on the water means a good morning for everyone involved.

“I’ve been coming down about twice a week," said Pam Harper. "I have a little catering company, and they want shrimp, so I just bought $50 dollars worth down on this end. The price of this is even better.”

As the whole summer is concerned, shrimpers said it’s obviously better than 2019. But many people would be surprised to know that shrimper’s biggest inconvenience is moving the boats back and forth due to storm threats in the Gulf.

Right now, the large size shrimp are selling for around $3.50 a pound straight off the boats.

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