Family of COVID-19 survivors warns others of long-term effects of virus

Updated: Oct. 12, 2020 at 8:21 PM CDT
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NATCHEZ, Miss. (WLBT) - For some who recover from COVID-19, the symptoms can be long lasting and painful.

One Natchez family talks about how they contracted the virus two months ago and are still feeling the effects.

“Just get prepared. That is the best advice we can give, just get prepared,” said Covid survivor Jenny Hinkle.

The Hinkle family is warning others about the long-lasting impacts of Covid-19.

“Hurricane Laura was about to come through and we had already closed down our shop because when it rains, it floods. We realized by the weekend that the kids and I had started running a fever and we were like okay; this is more than what we may think it is.”

So, they quarantined for nearly a month, took vitamins, medication and got lots of sleep but Hannah admits she still feels fatigued.

“It is kind of like a lack of energy. You feel really sleepy and really tired. You can’t do a whole lot without feeling tired,” said Hannah Hinkle.

“I am dealing with the burning in my sinus and just congestion and occasionally sinus headaches, and when I talked to my doctor she said sometimes the symptoms of Covid-19 and allergies link up together,” said Jenny Hinkle.

Another negative impact the family is dealing with is a loss of smell and taste.

“Last week we did a bonfire outside, and it wasn’t until I got in the house that I realized I never smelled the smoke,” Mrs. Hinkle.

Dr. John Gaudet is the president of the Mississippi Chapter- American Academy of Pediatrics.

He says if you are dealing with growing symptoms, that you can’t shake, please to consult a physician.

“Even when you are over the acute phase of the illness, there are many people that say they continue to have symptoms and I think those are after the effects from the inflammation caused by Covid. The virus has so many effects on the body that we will be learning for years to come.”

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