Hancock County preps for another storm close call

Hancock County preps for another storm close call

BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WLOX) - Even with Cruisin' still in full swing, Hancock County residents are ready for whatever the outer fringes of Hurricane Delta throws at them.

Mark Currier, lives and works in downtown Bay St. Louis and he has plenty of Hurricane Katrina memories in every nook and cranny of his art gallery.

With that in mind, he’d rather count his blessings that Hurricane Delta might only give a glancing blow to Hancock County.

“We’ve just been dodging a bullet this year it’s just unbelievable just how lucky we’ve been, you know, three storms that looked like they were coming right at us.” Currier said.

With those previous storm ‘close calls’ and Hurricane Delta’s near miss with South Mississippi, Currier boarded up the 10 windows in his home, again.

On Beach Boulevard in Waveland, good timing on contract work from a Hurricane Nate restoration project is building up the beach right before Hurricane Delta’s wind and waves stir up the once tranquil Mississippi sound.

And back at Mark Currier’s Gallery 220, it’s full of anecdotes instead of storm anxiety, at least for now.

“I had to prune my grapefruit tree because it was touching my building and my insurance company did an inspection and they said they can’t give me insurance unless the grapefruit tree is not touching the building.” said Currier.

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