Cruisers keeping an eye toward the Gulf of Mexico and Hurricane Delta

Cruisin' visitors keeping an eye on Hurricane Delta

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Terry Green of Neely, Miss., was more concerned Tuesday about getting his generator running on his RV than the weather, but Hurricane Delta was a close second.

“We were just talking about it earlier,” he said. “I don’t know. Tomorrow we may end up packing up, headed back. Keep an eye on it, you know? Cause you know how they are; they change from one minute to the next.”

Last month, Hurricane Sally reminded people of the unpredictable nature of a storm’s direction, and Delta’s rapid development into a Category 4 storm had people talking.

“Gonna keep watching it and listening,” Green said. “And when it’s time to go, we’ll go.”

Cruisers are, by nature, a practical bunch. So if weather threatens to break up America’s Largest Block Party, they take it in stride.

Joey Vining of Houma, La., was hoping for a westerly track to the storm, but he was prepared for any outcome.

“Before I left home, I tied everything down yesterday. We’ve been through this before so I don’t have to run home. Maybe I can stay here and ride it out here,” he said.

Vining was at Cruise Central and hoping he could stay on the Mississippi Coast as long as he could.

“As far as the car show, the further it moves west, the better they’re going to be here, so that’s the good thing. Maybe we’ll just hang and stay here," he said.

Hurricane Nate closed the door on Cruisin' the Coast a day early in 2017, and that memory was fresh on several cruisers' minds.

“We left a day or two early then,” said Mary Hatcher of Columbus. “And when we got back to Columbus, we seen where it has some heavy flooding right where we had been the day before.”

Rocky Sherman of Jackson was not worried about having to leave early.

"When we were down here two years ago, we had to leave early because of a hurricane threat. We did come down early so if we have to leave early, it all works out.

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