Hurricane Sally damage to Florida facility impacts Coast recycling programs

Hurricane Sally damage to Florida facility impacts Coast recycling programs

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI, Miss. (WLOX) - Recycling programs on the Coast are in limbo after Hurricane Sally damaged a recycling center in Florida.

Jackson County has already put its program on hold, and now Waste Management in Moss Point recently announced the temporary suspension of curbside recycling beginning on Monday, September 28, 2020.

Recyclables were picked up as usual in Harrison County on Friday, but will that be the case for next week?

The Harrison County Utility Authority will decide on Thursday, whether or not to put its recycling program on hold until the regional recycling facility in Florida is back up and running.

It’s also unclear how long it may be and for now recyclables are still being collected, but not recycled just yet.

“We’ve been stockpiling it as much as possible," said HCUA Executive Director John Wilson. "And then landfilling the overflow so that we don’t change the program without having all the information.”

HCUA Executive Director John Wilson said they’re weighing the options.

“The idea initially is rather than make a knee-jerk decision and suspend the program without all the information, we wanted to try and shift and haul it to a different site," said Wilson. “We’re still trying to collect information on that if possible.”

But, that decision could be costly.

“There’s other facilities that could take it but their cost is, the ones we’ve talked to so far, is somewhat prohibitive," said Wilson. "We would have to pay more during this time than not.”

Wilson said it’s important for the program to continue because people use it.

“The community is doing fantastic job at it and because of their participation we wanted to try and keep as much as possible on track.” said Wilson.

Wilson also added “It’s a great green type program, so we want to try to keep it moving as best we can.”

It’s currently estimated that it will take four to six weeks to repair the recycling facility in Florida.

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