Cool and wet for the final full day of summer. Watching Tropical Storm Beta.

Wesley's Monday Morning First Alert Forecast

Tropical Storm Beta is weaker this morning as its center slowly moves toward the Texas Coast. We remain on the right-side of the storm which is where a rainy pattern will continue. Minor coastal flooding remains possible, especially near the immediate coastline and east-facing shores; tides could be up to two feet above normal through Thursday. For Monday, expect on and off rain showers from time to time. Most rainfall today will be light. By the end of Monday, expect up to a half-inch of rainfall with isolated higher amounts possible. Temperatures today will start off in the 60s and will probably only rise into the 70s this afternoon which is cooler than normal for this time of year. By Tuesday, Beta will begin moving to the east and the storm is forecast to be inland over or near Mississippi by Friday. As Beta gets closer to us between Tuesday and Friday, our potential for heavier rains may increase. But, the storm should be weaker by that point since it would be over land, so there is little to no threat for 40mph+ sustained winds in South Mississippi this week. Fall officially starts tomorrow at 8:30 AM.