Long Beach School District says “Goodbye” to assigned days for in-person learning

Long Beach School District says “Goodbye” to assigned days for in-person learning

LONG BEACH, Miss. (WLOX) - The Long Beach School District said “goodbye” to maroon and white days, which was originally one week on/one week off for students. Nearly six weeks has gone by and administrators felt the need for all students should be on campus at once. Monday, that happened when all students returned to school.

“I was looking forward to everyone coming back," high school teacher Brandy Zink said. "Simply because, as a mother, I’ve seen my own students/children say, ‘I miss my friends,’ or ‘All my friends are on the maroon team.’”

Zink and other teachers were thrilled to see all their students back Monday. Zink teaches Teacher Academy I and II, English II, and coaches LBHS cheer. With all those various roles, she knows the importance of safety.

“In a class like Teacher Academy, it’s hands-on. It’s group work. So, we have groups, but you have to sit diagonal. You have to separate your desk a little bit. I have the alcohol wipes,” said Zink.

To emphasize safety, everyone on campus must wear a mask and students are encouraged to frequently use the hand sanitizer stations available.

“They clean their own computers. They clean their own desk. We have the hand sanitizer, they come in they get it," Zink said. “I feel like I’m drowning in hand sanitizer.”

Looking back on the Maroon and White day method, Mrs. Zink said that while she wasn’t initially a fan, she grew to appreciate it because students could practice social distancing and the classes weren’t full.

“Kids were easier to manage. They were keeping their social distance, and wearing their masks with no issue,” said Zink.

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