Singing River Health System preparing to fight COVID-19, the flu simultaneously

Singing River Health System preparing to fight COVID-19 and the flu simultaneously

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - The Singing River Health System recently passed the 31,000 COVID-19 swab test milestone, after several months of community outreach in some of Mississippi’s most impacted areas.

“What we have found is this is a really good spot to meet the demand that we are currently seeing,” said Ocean Springs Hospital Administrator Heath Thompson. “Our goal is really to come to the communities and be convenient for those that need testing.”

And while testing is a way to help keep the infection rates low, medical workers also wants everyone to follow safety guidelines throughout the pandemic and other outbreaks.

The goal is to help - not overwhelm - the health system and to keep communities safe while dealing with both COVID-19 and the upcoming flu season.

Health officials said that there will be some concerns with fighting both viruses this year, but there will also be a positive outcome that will come out of the health crisis.

“There is a small silver lining of a pandemic is everyone kind of improves their habits.” said Thompson.

The hope is that people continue to wear face masks, social distance, wash their hands regularly and sneeze into the bend of their elbows for the foreseeable future.

“We have seen that if you follow those rules, it can make an impact.” said Thompson.

The health system expects to see a high demand in the flu vaccines this year.

“This will be the highest rated compliance with the community wanting to get their flu shots and I think that’s a good thing.” said Thompson.

The Signing River Health system will have drive-through COVID-19 testing and flu vaccines starting September 26, 2020 at the Ocean Springs, Pascagoula and Hurley health center locations.

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