Pass Harbor returns to life after Hurricane Sally

Boaters begin slow return to the Pass Christian Harbor

PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. (WLOX) - A slow parade of shrimp boats approached the Pass Christian Harbor on Wednesday afternoon, making their way back from another trip to safe harbor.

Many were delayed by the Bayou Portage Bridge and then the CSX bridge, but it’s all part of the game for boaters during hurricane season.

“Yea it’s just a way of life,” said shrimp boater Bobby Barnett. “When we get a threat we have to get out of here. It’s an inconvenience and it costs us money but you’ve got to go protect your livelihood.”

Barnett and his crew were already back to processing shrimp on the deck of the Carolyn Dawn, though he was worried that some of his buyers in Alabama might not be calling for a while.

Barnett knows all too well the potential dangers, and he reacts accordingly.

“You’ve got to go back there and be prepared for the worst," said Barnett. “If it’s going to be bad you go to Pearl River, if you think it’s going to be a Cat 1 or Cat 2, you might get by at Discovery Bay or Huckleberry Hill, but yea, you just got to go do it.”

Whether you’re a shrimp boater or recreational boater, you’ve got to protect your investment no matter how often you have to evacuate.

John Kaltsukis of Gretna, LA., was able to get his boat under the Bayou Portage bridge before it opened and he was the first recreational boater back in the east harbor at Pass Christian.

“This is actually the third one we had to move for but this is my lifelong investment, and I stick with it and thank god nothing’s ever happened.” said Kaltsukis.

Kaltsukis also said he plans to retire on his 43-foot Hatteras, turning the Pass harbor into his waterfront condo.

“I’m going to do what I have to to take care of it,” said Kaltsukis. “And cross my fingers that we don’t get another hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico this year.”

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