Jackson County relieved for not receiving worst of Hurricane Sally

Jackson County relieved for not receiving worst of Hurricane Sally

JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Residents of Jackson County are breathing a sigh of relief this afternoon after avoiding most of the severe weather from Sally. Even though the county was relieved that they didn’t receive the worst from the storm, Sally still left a mark.

Early Wednesday morning, people in Jackson County started cleaning up the damages left behind by Hurricane Sally.

In Pascagoula, crews removed a tree that fell down on Market Street, a liquor store had to board up one of its windows after it was shattered during the storm, and in Moss Point, one family added roof repairs after a tree fell on their house.

“All we heard was like a loud thud hit the house, we didn’t know what it was but it vibrated the wall." said Dylan Watson.

Across the county, lineman from Mississippi Power were busy restoring power to thousands of customers.

Mississippi Power said at one point, 2500 customers were without power, which was a number lower than expected.

“It’s great news the storm kept shifting east, you hate it for the folks that are in Mobile, said Jeff Shepard, a spokesperson for Mississippi Power. “But, from a southeast Mississippi perspective, from 36 hours to where we are now, the storm did not make the impact that we thought it was going to.”

Josiette Thompson also woke up to no power and minor damages to her home. Near her home, eight power poles were knocked down by Sally’s strong winds. Thompson said she’s grateful that’s the worst of the damage.

“I’m alive, no power, but I’m alive." said Thompson.

Thompson is hopeful that this close call won’t make people complacent.

“So the next storm, we all need to be prepared," said Thompson. “Keep your cars filled with gas, because it says be ready at all times, because you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Mississippi Power plans to send resources to Alabama to help restore power there.

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