Hurricane Sally landfall expected by sunrise

Back up to Cat 2

Carrie's 2 AM Sally update

Hurricane Sally back up to a category two hurricane as of Wednesday morning. It has started to make a northerly turn, but it continues to move very slowly. Landfall along Alabama or the Western Florida Panhandle is looking like it could be before sunrise Wednesday morning. However, South Mississippi still could see impacts including strong winds, coastal flooding and heavy pockets of rain.

Hurricane warnings remain in effect for Harrison, Jackson and George Counties. If Sally takes a track closer to the MS/AL border. We expect to continue with the tropical storm conditions through Wednesday in the early afternoon hours. The farther east Sally travels, the lower the wind impact will be and the earlier they will move out of South Mississippi.

Storm Surge Warnings have been cancelled. A Coastal Flood advisory has been issued for Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties until Wednesday at 3 PM.

Heavy rainfall is possible, especially for areas east of Highway 49 and for Jackson and George Counties. Up to 4″ is possible. Those west of Highway 49 will likely see much less rainfall. The heaviest rain of 10-15″ will most likely be in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

Rain bands will continue to move through portions of South Mississippi through Wednesday afternoon. Winds will start to relax at that point, too. Thursday is looking much calmer and drier.